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Deep Tissue Holistic Massage 

    Remedial, Sports & Therapeutic Massage, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound & K-Taping

The Natural Way


Better Health 

My Personal Journey

In 1998 I was working as a butcher, managing a family owned business; it was in this year that I made several major life changes, one of which was to become vegetarian, though I do eat meat again now but only as long as it's locally sourced and organic. So at the time, finding a new career was a natural progression.

After several years travelling around various areas of England and trying my hand at different jobs I failed to find anything I was either happy with or that suited my skills and talents. Finally, after some serious soul searching I decided to go back to college to re-train and in 2003 was fortunate to be accepted on a course at the Royal National College in Hereford under Jane Crabtree, a highly regarded and well respected massage therapist. The course was a year long residential one which also covered anatomy, physiology and sports massage. At the end of the course I qualified as a Holistic Remedial Therapist.

Following qualification I travelled first to Scotland where I lived and worked for a year at Findhorn, a spiritual community on the Moray Firth, then Lanzarote to a holistic health centre situated at the base of a volcano. While living there I was the sole masseur for the athletes competing in the Lanzarote stage of The Iron Man competition, the Lanzarote leg of which is described as one of the toughest in the world.

Then, after back-packing around Europe for a year (including a five-week hike from the Pyrenees across Spain following the `Camino de Santiago de Compostella` pilgrimage) I came back to settle in Hereford where I have set up my own successful practice. At the beginning of 2008, to add to my life experience, I undertook a ten-day course in silent meditation at the Vipassana Meditation Centre near Hereford and have since been back on two more occasions, once to sit another 10 day course and then to serve those undertaking a course and in 2010 I again walked from Saint Jean pied de port in France, some 800k to Santiago De Compostella.